Google Ads

Online advertisements using Google Ads (formerly AdWords) allow ads to appear for individuals who are likely to be interested in the advertiser's products or services while excluding others. Another advantage is that it is easily trackable whether these individuals have clicked on the advertisement. Online advertisements also provide the opportunity to reach potential customers across multiple devices simultaneously—via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

With Google Ads, we can specify the keywords, determine where the ads should appear, specify the location, age, and language of the audience, determine the days and frequency of ad display, and the devices on which the ads should appear.

Another advantage of Google Ads is that payment is only made when someone clicks on the ad. Due to excellent statistics and analytics, the success of the ads can be easily measured.

Our company also handles the management of Google Ads campaigns—creating the ads, determining the most appropriate parameters in line with the client's objectives, and making the necessary configurations.

Within our services, it is possible to create both Text Ads and Display Ads. Both types are positioned on the website to attract the attention and cursor of visitors to the greatest extent possible. Text ads consist of a simple promotional text, usually linking to the company's website or online store. We most commonly encounter them among search results. Visual ads consist of images, videos, text, and audio recordings, also leading visitors to the website or online store. These ads do not appear among search results but on various websites.

Within the remarketing service, we create advertising campaigns that target individuals who have previously used the company's website or mobile application. The ads are placed on Google and its partner websites to help increase brand awareness and remind the target audience to make a purchase.

Dynamic marketing allows ads to be shown to individuals who have previously visited the website, showcasing products and services that the visitors viewed on the site.

An example: if a potential buyer visited a website offering phone accessories and looked at phone cases, later, when browsing their favorite newspaper's website, the same phone cases will be displayed as advertisements. Clicking on the products will take the potential buyer back to the website that sells the cases.

Our company integrates campaigns with Google Analytics, allowing us to track the success and conversion of campaigns—we can accurately determine how many clicked on the ad and how many of these clicks resulted in purchases. We review the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaigns twice a month and make refinements and modifications as needed. We also provide our clients with a monthly report, presenting the key indicators. Based on these indicators, the client gains insight into the Google Ads campaigns and can make important business decisions.

In our reports, we present the campaigns, average cost per click, the number of clicks and purchases, as well as the exact amount spent in an easily understandable and clear manner. The client gains insight into the keywords that bring in the most buyers, allowing them to know what buyers search for most frequently.

The report thoroughly presents the competition as well, who use similar ads. The best-selling products are also highlighted, as this allows the client to know which products are worth keeping in stock and which ones are not in demand.

A practical example is when users do not search for a product very often, but the client knows they can provide the product at an excellent price and would like buyers to easily find it. In such cases, we can emphasize advertising for that specific product.

Our reports show the client on which pages the visual or dynamic ads appeared most frequently and which pages within their own website were visited the most.

We also highlight important financial indicators, allowing our clients to know what percentage of their visitors came through Google Ads, i.e., how much they would lose if they didn't advertise. We also show how much revenue the paid ads bring to the company compared to organic search.

We list the campaigns in a tabular form, so together with the client, we can determine if there are products that should be advertised with lower or higher costs.

We can also show our clients how many visitors arrived at their website via mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, etc.

With our comprehensive Google Ads services, our clients can utilize the power of online advertising much more cost-effectively and significantly increase the traffic to their website and sales. Our detailed, understandable reports greatly contribute to making important business decisions that can propel the company forward in significant strides.

Example of a monthly AdWords report: AdWords Monthly Report

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