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To provide a more detailed overview of our services and products, we present our works that we are most proud of, as well as case studies describing outstandingly realized projects. At ErdSoft, we embrace challenges, creative work, and tasks that others may perceive as impossible — these are the focus of our case studies.

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Közvil CRM & BI More…

Our company has developed a state-of-the-art CRM system for Hungary's first public lighting company, KözVil Zrt., which is significantly more advanced compared to the previous solution. This system has greatly facilitated the work of employees and the 420 municipalities using the company's solutions.

The new solution, based on our CRM Core system, is modern, responsive, and equipped with an automated response handling system. It is integrated with the warehouse management and maintenance system, and it generates reports and summaries providing valuable information for the company.

DentalMedical CRM More…

We developed a blog, webshop, and CRM system for DentalMedical, a company with over 18 years of experience and a leading role at the regional level. As it is an international company with an annual turnover in the multimillion euros range, the task required a high level of responsibility and precise, high-quality work.

The DentalMedical CRM system includes SAP, NetResult, SparkPost, GLS, and DailyExpress package tracking, as well as integration with Facebook Article and Messenger Chat. It operates alongside the sales management system used in four countries.

Tematic Cable More…

For Tematic Cable, we created a program scheduling software and a rights fee collection system. Thanks to this, the television channel distribution company can serve its clients with a much more diverse program schedule and significantly reduce the possibility of errors while addressing issues related to royalties and strict regulations.

The development of this complex and intricate solution demanded exceptional expertise, precision, rigorous testing, and over 1000 development work hours from our team.

LCF Hungary More…

LCF Kids Clubs Hungary has over 100 English language schools with thousands of students. The company was the first in Hungary to teach children under 14 in a franchise system.

Since its founding in 1993, the number of schools and students at LCF Kids Clubs Hungary has continuously grown. However, current trends made it essential for the company to have a modern, attractive website that meets all modern technological requirements. We were delighted to create this website. In addition to the website, a CRM system and a complete enterprise resource planning system were also developed.

Optical Kft. More…

Optical Kft. is a company that distributes truck parts and accessories. During our collaboration, we emphasized speed and reliability, creating a website and B2B system capable of real-time synchronization with the company's invoicing software, automating invoicing and minimizing errors.

The company's website underwent significant search engine optimization, with a primary goal of increasing organic search results. Through Google Ads campaigns, we further increased traffic to the webshop based on our Store Factory e-commerce system.

Mortoff More…

Mortoff Hungary is one of the leading IT companies in Hungary and the region, employing over 160 programmers. That's why we felt a special honor when they asked our team to create their new website.

During the development of the new, modern site, we placed great emphasis on search engine optimization, a professional admin interface, security, and testing. In addition to our programming expertise, we provided our client with consulting services. The completed site meets today's technological and SEO requirements, contributing to Mortoff's business success.

IrányTrogir More…

IrányTrogir is a small, ambitious company specializing in organizing excursions in Central Dalmatia. Thanks to their professional organization, thousands of Hungarian tourists have already been able to participate in their dream vacation. The team excels not only in accommodation search and excursion organization but is also willing to assist clients in other matters.

Like every small company, the goal of the IrányTrogir team was to achieve as much growth as possible. That's why they contacted us and asked for our help in achieving this goal.

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