Our products

Our products.

At ErdSoft, we always strive for the highest quality and outstanding execution, and our product range reflects this commitment. In addition to our quality services, we provide products that can meet even the most demanding expectations of our clients.

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Trafify StoreFactory CRM Core Loyalty eVIR System

Our latest product, Trafify, is an OmniChannel Customer Engagement system. It's a platform that collects, analyzes, and learns about the interests and habits of website visitors, enhanced with marketing and sales automation. Based on the gathered data, the system groups visitors and, applying specific strategies to each group, converts them into customers. Trafify allows for the creation of dynamic content on the website, generates newsletter campaigns and landing pages for each visitor group. After defining the campaign's goal, we filter visitors and select those who are likely to become buyers due to the campaign's impact. The Trafify system analyzes every visitor's reactions to the campaign and, based on the response, proceeds to the next step or campaign. The product is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in terms of value and price.


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We designed our product to meet the needs of every quality-conscious, aspiring webshop owner. The webshop owner can choose a completely unique design, guaranteed to achieve an outstanding score of over 90 on the Google Speed Insight test. The system includes all the leading webshop features and offers numerous marketing, sales-boosting, statistical, and social solutions. We proudly say that StoreFactory owners include brand stores as well as small businesses that have become market leaders.

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CRM Core.

The fourth industrial revolution is currently underway. This is the age of digitization and automation, which has completely transformed and will continue to transform the structure of the entire industry over the years. After years of serious research, learning, and the creation of the first serious CRM systems, we developed our CRM Core system, which can be a very good foundation for a tailored CRM system for a company! We can say that our CRM Core product can be a good foundation for a microenterprise and a perfect tool for a large enterprise as well. From systems managing just a few processes to complex solutions, everything can be handled with the CRM Core system. One of our currently used CRM Core systems is responsible for the maintenance processes of public lighting in over 400 settlements.

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CRM Core

No one can argue with the fact that data is the new oil. The better we know our own customers, the more likely we are to accurately determine market demands. Our Loyalty system offers a 7-in-1 solution for our customers. The system is suitable for understanding customer behaviors, measuring their purchasing habits, satisfaction, and for cost-effective and swift implementation of marketing tasks. In addition to several smaller systems, we have successfully introduced two national systems for our partners.

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eVIR System.

With over 12 years of experience in web development, we needed a reliable project management, ticketing, and accounting system right from the start. The system, initially created to meet our own needs, evolved into a highly reliable and versatile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ErdSoft manages all its projects, clients, team members' work, tasks, bug fixes, and various other work-related information and data using this system. We are proud to say that now more than 116 active clients use our eVIR system, and over 40,000 tasks have been completed through it.

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eVIR System

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