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Our new product: Trafify

Our latest product, Trafify, was created as a result of nearly two years of work and thousands of work hours.

Trafify is an OmniChannel Customer Engagement platform, meaning it's a system that tracks and learns the behaviors and interests of website visitors. It then utilizes marketing and sales automation to transform them into loyal, returning customers. Based on the collected data, the system categorizes visitors and applies unique strategies to convert them into buyers, thereby increasing the website's conversion rate.


Why are such systems good?

Systems like Trafify and similar ones expedite the process and turn visitors into initial buyers to a greater extent. Through continuous, well-designed campaigns, they transform these initial buyers into returning customers and then into loyal ones. Trafify generates more effective sales – compared to the few percent open rate of traditional newsletters, we achieved a 44% open rate with our first partner.

You might wonder how such a system differs from Google Analytics. Trafify not only provides representative data but also helps you understand the visitor, ultimately boosting sales.

How does Trafify work?

The operation process of Trafify can be divided into four main steps:

  1. Collects data about the visitor and profiles them.
  2. Based on this, categorizes users and assigns point values to determine the 'value' of the visitor.
  3. Once enough information is gathered and the visitor's interests are understood, it strives to show relevant content and products through email, embedded in the site, or via landing pages.
  4. The goal is to sell the product or service, aiming to transform the visitor into a returning user and customer.


A simple example:

  1. The visitor arrives at the site, and the system observes what they are interested in on the website.
  2. The system noticed that the visitor, for example, looked at printers on the site - they now qualify as an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead).
  3. The system continues its analysis and observes which printers are of interest to the visitor. After highlighting the two or three products the visitor viewed, the system tries to offer deals on these products (immediately or the next day, via email or advertising spaces - depending on the system's settings), encouraging the visitor to make a purchase. - They are now an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).
  4. Post-sales phase (SAL and OPP): The system's work doesn't end after selling the product because it knows what type of printer the user has. Therefore, the system automatically contacts the buyer on a monthly basis to offer suitable toners, paper, and other relevant products for their specific printer, thus making the individual a returning customer.

Hogy működik a látogatók csoportosítása?

The system creates visitor profiles by tracking interests, habits, and activities. Visitors can be grouped based on observations – by the browser used, the device used, time spent on the website, viewed products, read blog articles, etc. Data collection can also be done through questionnaires, which help gather additional information about the visitors. After collecting the data, the system categorizes visitors based on their habits, hobbies, and more.

How does the system turn visitors into buyers?

The Trafify platform also allows us to create campaigns with the goal of turning visitors into buyers. The interactive part of the system enables us to create newsletter campaigns, landing pages, or dynamic interfaces on the website – tailored to each previously created visitor group, based on their needs and interests. After defining the campaign's objectives, the system filters the visitors and highlights those who might find the campaign interesting, in other words, those visitors whom we can likely convert into buyers. The Trafify system also manages visitors' reactions, analyzing each visitor's response to the campaign and proceeding to the next step or campaign based on that.

How can success be analyzed?

The Trafify platform also allows us to review statistics and analyses in the form of visual reports, which are accessible anytime and anywhere.


Is it necessary to know the basics of programming to use the system?

No, it is not necessary because the system was designed to have a user-friendly interface. Our clients receive training, and they also have access to monthly support to address any questions that may arise.


Why don't more people use these systems?

Similar systems have many advantages, but they haven't become widespread among SMEs yet. This is because, until now, only really large companies could afford them. Trafify is a platform tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, considering both value and cost. Alongside Trafify, we provide training and monthly support to ensure our customers can make the most out of the platform and achieve success.


What is the situation with the GDPR regulations?

Trafify collects visitor data in accordance with the regulations of the European Union, meaning it fully complies with the GDPR requirements.


How was Trafify created?

The development primarily started because one of our clients needed such a solution. After delving deeper into the subject, we realized that really good platforms of this kind were focused only on very large companies. That's why we developed a solution that would be suitable for SMEs. The development process started soon after, with a prospective user already in line for the platform. After two years, in the summer of 2020, Trafify was completed, and it was integrated for our first client - the NetResult system was replaced with Trafify.

Our client is extremely satisfied with the new system, and we take our work seriously, having ambitious plans regarding Trafify. Our vision is that half of our development team will exclusively work on the continuous improvement of Trafify by 2025. We aim to expand at the European level and ensure that ErdSoft is synonymous with the Serbian IT market. These are big plans, but our company has always been characterized by serious goals.


Where is our Trafify system used?


The Trafify system is currently used in Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Croatia. Trafify is a system that understands the user and, with its automated marketing and sales processes, aims to transform the visitor into a returning, loyal customer. The platform is primarily recommended for owners of online stores with 30-200 employees or smaller but ambitious companies.


Trafify can be an excellent solution for portals that aim to understand their visitors in order to target advertisements more effectively. Tourism departments of local governments can also utilize the program to familiarize more visitors and present relevant content to them. For example, it's beneficial to notify visitors living within a 100-kilometer radius about a fish cooking competition, while promoting a large festival can target the entire European visitor base.


If our Trafify system has caught your interest, please request a meeting time so that we can provide a detailed presentation of our system's operation, benefits, and the results achieved so far!


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